Submissions from 2020


Votive Boats, Ex-votos, and Maritime Memory in Atlantic France, Maura Coughlin

Submissions from 2019


La Paludière de Billiers, Le Garçon de Ploubazlanec, Sardinerie, Maura Coughlin

Shifting Baselines, or Reading Art through Fish, Maura Coughlin


Ecocriticism and the Anthropocene in Nineteenth Century Art and Visual Culture, Maura Coughlin and Emily Gephart


Experiments in Comics: Kafka's Aphorisms, Martha Kuhlman

Submissions from 2018

Irony, Satire, and the Clickhole, Amber Day

Exil’d murmurings’: ‘The American Hemans’ and the Politics of Displacement, Janet Dean

Reinvention of the Form: Chris Ware and Experimentalism after Raw, Martha Kuhlman

Submissions from 2016

Death at Sea: Symbolism and Charles Cottet’s Subjective Realism, Maura Coughlin

Submissions from 2014


Rights: The Rise of Rights and Nonprofit Organizations in East African Societies, Alex Perullo

Submissions from 2012


Imitation and Innovation in the Music, Dress, and Camps of Tanzanian Youth, Alex Perullo

Friendship as a Way of Life: Michel Foucault, AIDS, and the Politics of Shared Enstrangements, Thomas Roach

Submissions from 2011

Hooligans and Heroes Youth Identity and Hip-Hop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Alex Perullo

Live From Dar es Salaam: Popular Music and Tanzania's Music Economy, Alex Perullo

Submissions from 2010


In the Comics Workshop: Chris Ware and Oubapo, Martha Kuhlman

The Comics of Chris Ware: Drawing is a Way of Thinking, Martha Kuhlman and Dave Ball

Submissions from 2008

Conceptions of Song: Ownership, Rights, and African Copyright Law, Alex Perullo

Submissions from 2007

"Here's a Little Something Local": An Early History of Hip Hop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1984-1997, Alex Perullo

Submissions from 1998

Gays and Lesbians in Popular Music, Thomas Roach