World War II

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[Transcription begins]

Sgt. Herbert E. Erickson, #31008619
Hq. VI Army Corps,
APO #306
Dilworth, N. C.

July 31, 1942

Chairman, Bryant Service Club
c/o Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Sir:

The cigarettes you so kindly sent me arrived today at our maneuver camp. Thank you very much for this very pleasant surprise and the little message that came with it. Your interest in the old alumni is very much appreciated.

They may not remember me, but anyway, please give my best regards to Mr. Lee and Mr. Ripley, and to your fellows and girls of the Club, best of luck; and if you happen to be “called,” I hope it’s to serve in the branch you would have selected yourselves.

Sincerely yours,

Herbert E. Erickson [Transcription ends]