World War II;European Theatre od War;foreign service;Winnfield, Louisiana;37th Photo Mapping Squadron

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January 15, 1944

Dear Friends:

I have just received you letter of December 8, 1943. Many thanks for the list of addresses of my fellow classmates in the service. At the top of the page you will notice my latest address. Your last letter took over a month to reach me because it was addressed to Greenville, S.C. where I was stationed about 10 months ago. Since then Many things have happened to me. I spent about six months on the other side of the Atlantic in the European Theatre of War. I hope to be able to tell my friends at Bryant of my flying experiences on the other side some time in the future.

I returned to the United States on our second anniversary of the beginning of the war, Dec. 7. Within two weeks of my return I received a 20 day leave as a reward for foreign service. While on this leave I married a beautiful Texas girl who had promised to await my return. We are now living in the swamps of Louisiana (Winnfield) where I am doing my best to teach the latest flying technique to those who are on their way across.

My typing ability has gone downhill considerably since I have left Bryant so please keep this letter away from anyone connected with the typing dept.

I have not as yet received a Christmass [sic] package from the Bryant Service Club but it is probably with several more of my letters etc. that were sent overseas and must be sent back here. I am still receiving Christmas cards and packages and I believe it will be about two more months before everything has cought [sic] up with me.

Kirke Everson [Transcription ends]