Paul Filipowich


[Transcription begins]
April 4, 1943

Candidate P. Filipowich
Class 18 Co. I
M. A. C. O. C. S.
Camp Barkeley, Texas

Dear Members of B. S. C.,

Before I left Camp Pickett, I received your gift which I greatly appreciated and wish to thank you all for your kind thoughts.

I left Camp Pickett on March 29 and arrived here April 1st. Tomorrow I start to work for the next three months for a commission in the Medical Administrative Corps. of the U. S. Army.

Here at Barkeley it is quite a change in scenery from that of our eastern seaboard. We are situated on a wide, level plain without a tree in sight for miles around, and for once I realize that a tree is mighty handy to have around, for it certainly could protect one from the sun’s rays. I have only been here three days, and my face is as red as a beet. Besides there is a bit of a breeze blowing which is carrying quite a bit of dust, and every time one goes outside he gets his eyes full of gravel.

But Texas has its compensating features and that is that the Texans are a very sincere and friendly people.

My best wishes to you all,
Paul Filipowich
[Transcription ends]