WWII;Richard E. Fogwell;William A. Lambert

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Dear Friends,

Your Memorial Day letter finally caught up with me over here in "sunny" Italy. Thanks a lot for the names and addresses but how about a leter list of the boys of '39 and '40. I sure would like to know if some of them are over in this particular part of the world.

Have been writing to Bill Lambert out at Ft. Benj. Harrison and he has said that Dick Havens, '39, is out there with him.

[top of page 2--dialog missing] much more than Africa. I have seen Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and wouldn't trade the worst part of the U. S. for any of it. Italy evidently was not looted the way that No. Africa was by the Germans and it is the nearest thing to the U. S. I've seen yet.

Give any regards to Prof's Vinal, Shors & Gulski and save a place for me at the banquet.

Yours truly,
Dick Fogwell

448th Bomb. Sqdn.
321st Bomb. Group
A.P.O. #520,
c/o Postmaster
New York, N. Y.
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