World War II

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D. P. #2, Municipal Airport
Jacksonville, Florida

June 29, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Friends,

Just this morning I received a letter mailed June 8th. It had traveled to four rather distant points before it finally caught up, but it was very welcome in any case.

About two weeks ago a package of cookies also came my way after a trip nearly as long. I intended to notify you of my change in address, but before I had a chance to catch my breath from the last trip, I was on my way on another.

You will find my latest address in the upper right hand corner; it may be old before you send the next item, but at least it will cut down the trip by three or four stops.

Letters and packages mean a great deal to a man in the Army, which is a familiar remark by now, but nevertheless it is true. Candy and cigarettes are always available at the Post Exchange, but they mean more when they come through the mails as a gift.

Thanks again for your kindnesses, and I hope you get half the fun from sending as I do on the other end.

Very truly yours,

Pfc. Robert N. Fowler [Transcription ends]