WWII;Robert N. Fowler

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905th Quartermaster Co.
Bluethenthal Field
Wilmington, N.C.
April 4, 1943

Dear Bryant Service Club,

Once again this soldier is glad to report that his package from the good old school has arrived safely and that it was much appreciated by him and his buddies.

I was pleased to notice in the Providence paper that Bryant is doing her part in the war effort in helping to make good clerical workers for the armed forces. In spite of the fact that the clerical end of the Army isn’t as glamerous [sic] as some other branches it is definitely important work which, when carried out speedily and efficiently, serves to give the Axis another “boot” which will eventually topple Hitler and his henchmen to complete defeat.

This boy has had very good luck at this base and has had two promotions in two months. I made sergeant on the 15th of last month. Bill McCaughey, who was in my class at Bryant is also a sergeant somewhere across the pond.

Thanks again for the package and good luck to all the Bryant men and women, past, present and future; you are doing a swell job with your letters and very welcome packages.

Robert N. Fowler
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