WWII;Raymond L. Gaillaguet

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Cpl R. Gaillaguet 32829484
Operational Group B
2677 Regt OSS (Prov)
APO 512 c/o Postmaster NYNY
July 5, 1944

To Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Rhode Island

Dear Members of Service Club:

Just received your Easter package a little late maybe but nonetheless the most welcome. For a soldier overseas all remembrances from "home" are always gratefully received since it shows that our friends "back in the States" are still thinking of us.

For quite a few months now I have left the good old U.S. and travelled , at my uncle's expense, further than I had ever travelled before. I find Africa fascinating--native life is as different from anything that I had previously seen that it cannot be described in terms of comparison. I recently read the comment that Bob Hope made about African girls. He said that a man with a boat load of [leather?] covers could make a fortune by setting himself up as an expert on the latest fashions and what the club is wearing.

Well haven't much else to say except that I hope that in 1945 we can have a class reunion celebrating the end of this war. Best regards to all.

Yours truly,
Raymond L. Gaillaguet
[Transcription ends]