WWII;R. T. Germani

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10 Dec. 1944

Dear Friends,

I wish to thank you for the gift which you were so kind and thoughtful to send.

It is reassuring to know that with your curricular activities and thoughts of your impending Christmas holidays, you still find the time to greet old friends.

Much time has passed since many of the Alumni have joined the service and with the passing of time many acquaintances have been forgotten. It is good to know that such is not the case with the students at Bryant.

One sees instances of shipmates entirely forgotten except for their families and wonders if perhaps it will be more difficult for these men to resume a normal way of life.

Our stay in the service is made more bearable by the knowledge that our homes and friends have not changed.

Thus I salute your good efforts on bolstering the spirit of former Bryant students wearing the uniform of our country. I send sincerest wishes for the holiday season, to you my friends.

R. T. Germani
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