WWII;Raymond L. Gillard

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Somewhere In Iran
May 21, 1943

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.


Just a short note of appreciation for the way Bryant Service Club has been remembering the man in the Services. News of Bryant graduates and faculty is always welcome.

The Christmas rememberance [sic] of cigarettes finally caught up with me just a couple of weeks ago and believe me they sure had to do some tall traveling to do it. Even in the United States they picked up numerous postmarks. They did arrive in good condition however.

I have met another Bryant graduate from Providence here and we have talked often of days at school, although we were of different classes. Due to censorship rules I will have to exclude his name.

I appreciate your offer to send packages but really the army takes such good care of us that there is really nothing that is needed.

Keep up the good work supplying us information of our classmates activities in the war effort, your work is the only practical method that this can be accomplished.

Sgt. Raymond L. Gillard
[Transcription ends]