WWII;Melina A. Giroux

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May 3, 1944

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

My dear Friends:

Thank you for your most welcome letter and the Easter package you sent me. The selection couldn't have been better if I had made it myself. Needless to say, the letter is the thing that we folks in the Service desire most. It spurs us on in our darkest moments and it's a pleasant interlude during our best periods.

Your good wishes for a Happy Easter certainly materialized. I was home on furlough for a few days at that time.

As expected, some of the news in your letter was not too good, but I certainly want to know what is taking place at our Alma Mater.

It was with regret that I read of Mr. Ripley's resignation. I hope, for his sake, after giving the best years of his life, doing everything he possibly could for us, that his resignation was for no other reason that to better himself. My appreciation and best wishes go out to him wherever he is. His understanding of our problems, his amiable manner and his willingness to help will surely be missed. He was always one of the strong links between Bryant and old timers like myself. I'm looking forward however to the same pleasant relationship I have always enjoyed and hope his follower may be crowned with the same measure of success.

As a bit of news, I have received another stripe. I am now "Sergeant as of April 1.

Again my gratitude for all your kindnesses and regards to all. I am

Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Melina A . Giroux
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