World War II;Jerome K. Goldberg

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16 Jan. 45

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club,

I received your swell present of those swell knitted socks and believe me the’re [sic] going to come in mighty hand a week from today. We go out on bivouac then and we’re going to a real cold place for three weeks. It’s well up on one of the tallest & most beautiful mountains. Enclosed you will find a post card showing what I mean. This picture was taken in the summer time so you can well imagine how it is there now.

I know this letter is a little late, but I didn’t receive it until I came back from a twenty four day furlough. At this time even though it is slightly late I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope that a year from today I will again be back in school finishing my course with Mr. Gulsky [sic], Appelby, Naylor, Vinal and last but not least Mr. “Cigar” Richards.

I was very grateful not only for the socks, but to know that the club is still going as strong as it did when the class of 43 founded and organized it.

Thanks again.

Class of “43”
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