WWII;Jerome K. Goldberg;Aberdeen Proving Ground

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Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club:

Thanks, and thanks loads. I received your swell package today (June 22nd) and I noticed that it was mailed on June 7th. The reason for that is that I have been transferred several times.

Upon arriving at Aberdeen, I was immediately assigned to a basic training company. I finished this blitz training in four weeks and then was transferred to another company to take my technical training. I was going to depot & supply school, and in my third week I was suddenly & unexpectedly assigned t the 40th Ordnance Company as the requisition clerk in the Automotive Wheeled Vehicle Section.

I am receiving a real thorough training in stock control. It is really furthering my education in that I am learning the big business of the Army.

Yes, I’m still a private, but really don’t expect to be one long. Believe it or not the subject & course I learned at Bryant that has helped me the most so far is typing. Of course, if I didn’t have the other subjects I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Almost all of the fellows in our department are either college graduates or were still attending school so I feel right at home.

The weather down here is pretty hot compared to what it is where you are.

Before signing off I would like to thank you all again and hope that you keep up the wonderful work that Miss Blaney has her heart & soul in. to those who are graduating, Congratulations!

Jerry Goldberg
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