WWII;Jerome K. Goldberg;Aberdeen Proving Ground

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9 December, 1943

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club:

I received the sweater you sent me and it really does fit swell. Thanks a lot as it sure does come in handy. They say that Maryland is in the South, but as far as the weather is concerned, the state may as well be called part of the North.

I would have been up to see you while on my furlough, but it came on the Thanksgiving holiday and you were all on a furlough too.

My address is still the same as you have it listed, and you can rest assured that I'm trying my best to help win the battle of Aberdeen.

By the way, Ed Rosner's mother passed away and I was wondering if the club would please send him a little card. It would mean so much to him and I know it would make him feel a little better.

I have been corresponding with some of the fellows thanks to the addresses you sent me, and I was surprised to learn that Hockey and Jimmy were in England. (Lucky fellows)

Well, THANKS AGAIN, and I hope it won't be long before we'll all be back in school again.

P. S. You sure will have to change our dorm back to Scott House again first.

Pfc. Jerry Goldberg
Class of 1943

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