Harry I. Golub


World War II;Lt. Shors;Lt. Hammond;Major Lee

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March 18, 1943

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.

Hi Pals -

I sure wish I had the opportunity to visit the alma mater and render my thanks for everything in person, but -- maybe soon we’ll all be able to gather there and make merry. Let’s hope.

Your swell gift arrived and I must say that “we” all enjoyed receiving the package. The boys say that if they had only known, they, too, would have chosen Bryant.

Now that it’s Lt. Shors, Lt. Hammond, and Major Lee, the boys in the Quartermaster’s Corps had better keep on their toes! But, as all Bryant will swear--are there better qualified men than these? Hell, no!!!

I’m back with the Port Director’s Office and glad of it. Interesting work and I can truly say that I’m doing “my bit.”

Best regards to all,
Harry I. Golub [Transcription ends]