John Hull;Ben Skuda;Ben Scuda;Harry Smith;Robert Connor;J. Emery D'Auteuil

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Dear Students –

I’m honestly ashamed of myself for not answering sooner and for not acknowledging the receipt of your gift – but time really flies in the air corps.

Left home Jan. 30th + spent 1 month at Atlantic City. Then 4 months at the 60th CTD at the U. of Pittsburgh where I had quite a wonderful time. Then 1 month at Nashville where I was classified as a pilot (I hope) + then 6 weeks here at Maxwell for Pre-flight. In another 2 weeks I’ll leave for Primary and some actual flying.

Just received your Memorial Day letter, and honestly, it was great to get news from school.

Too bad about Johnny Hull. It was wonderful to hear that Ben Scuda was rescued. I heard through the grapevine that he was missing and I had given him up for lost.

Harry Smith is in OCS at Camp Lee, Va. Bob Connor, the other member of the “horrible three”, (I’ll be the cafeteria has never been the same since we left) is a Sgt on a B17. He’s a turret gunner and ass’t radio gunner + right now is overseas, where I don’t know. I’d hate to think of the damage if we ever got together again.

Although I’ve been in the service for about 9 months, no sign of a furlough until I graduate, which should be in April.

If you know “Babe” D’Auteuil’s address, would you please send it to me. Last I heard, he was flying with the navy in new Foundland.

Best of luck, + thanks again for boosting my morale.

My best to the Profs, the carralls, Rita Cassels, Parky, and all the rest.

A/c George Greenspon

Sq. C group 4

Maxwell Field, Ala.

P.S. Bobbe Bouseu – didn’t mean to forget you.

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