WWII:Herbert J. Gulliver;Camp Bowie

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Dear Chairman: --

Received the cigarettes which were sent me by the Service Club. I really appreciate the cigarettes and also the thought behind them.

It certainly is gratifying to know that we, in the service, are still remembered by those whom we have left behind to carry on for us at home.

There is one favor I would like to ask. Could some of the members of the club find time to write, so that our friendship could be furthered?

I sure would like to hear from Mr. Geo. Richards, if he’s still there; and, if he remembers me.

Thanking you again,

Yours very truly,
Herbert J. Gulliver ‘35
1st. LT. F. A.
824th T. D. BN.
Camp Bowie,
[Transcription ends]