WWII;Charles E. Hacking;Mrs. Chester Hacking

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Providence R I.
68 Lorraine Ave.
April 22 – 1943.

Bryant College Service Club

You wrote January 22 regarding Charles E. Hacking’s address. As he was expecting a change of address at that time I did not answer the letter.

Charles graduated from the Embry Riddle School of Aviation—Welding—on January 9 but was held there until March 4th when he entered the Officer’s Candidate School at Miami Beach.

His wife who was with him at Christmas did not know anything about the package you sent but said she thought everything had been acknowledged. His address until May 30 will be

c/o Charles E. Hacking
Squadron 7 Group B Wing 1
A.A.H., I.C.S.
Miami Beach, Florida

He was studying very hard around the holidays and probably forgot to write thanking you. In as much as it was insured I feel sure it would have reached him.

Mrs. Chester Hacking
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