World War II;

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Pfc. Leo S. Harrington
Service Co. [indecipherable] APO # 32
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.
4 February 1944

The Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.


Today I celebrated Christmas all over again for your package [indecipherable] this neck of the woods... a little late, but none the less appreciated…thanks.

Since last writing to you, I’ve moved again…seems this army just won’t settle down in any one spot…in fact when I get back to civilian life I probably won’t be content unless I’m working with a carnival or a circus.

I’m afraid that you’ll find this writing illegible, but it’s the best I can make of the situation right now. I’m parked on a box right next to the beach doing my darndest [sic] to keep clear of falling coconuts and mosquitoes. There’s one thing certain that when I get back I’ll shun coconuts …even the kind out up by Boker in the colorful little packets.

The spot I’m in now isn’t too [indecipherable] in fact it’s quite bearable…a nice breeze from the ocean certainly makes a load of difference in this part of the world. Outside of a couple of air raid alerts and the noise from the artillery pounding away, there’s really nothing exciting going on around here.

Best of luck to the club and thanks again.

Sincerely yours,
Leo S. Harrington [Transcription ends]