WWII;Leo S. Harrington

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Pvt. Leo S. Harrington [?]
Service Company 128 Infantry
APO # 32 c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, Calif.
May 27, 1943

Bryant Service Club
Providence, Rhode Island


Hi there,

Received your letter of March 14th today - - - a little delayed, but that caused, no doubt, to my change in address.

Nice to hear of all the boys and instructors [receiving ?] their commission in the services. As for myself, I’m still a private and will probably still be for six months plus, having no desire to be an officer, but wish to be a good private, for after all, privates are the workers, and officers really need someone to back their efforts.

Just reread that last paragraph and have almost [?] myself of its contents. Seriously, I think that they should be congratulated for their work, and more power to them.

At present I’m doing some rather interesting personnel work, but after [?] that, I can say no more…you’ll understand the reason.

As for receiving packages - - we receive practically everything we need right here…cigarettes at special rates and such, but I’d give almost anything to get ahold [sic] of a tin of salted peanuts. That’s one thing we cannot get here…the locals variety tastes as if they were cooked in castor oil, so if you care to send a package this way, I’d be quite appreciative. Regards to the Club and best of luck in your efforts.

Sincerely yours,
Leo S. Harrington ‘37

[Transcription ends]