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Sgt. W.A. Harris 11110783
644 Bomb Squadron
410 Bomb Group
A.P.O. 140, c/o PM, NY, NY
May 14, 1944.

Bryant College Service Club
Young Orchard + Hope
Providence, 6, R.I
Attention : Miss Blaney

Dear Miss Blaney,

As I start this little note I want to tell you that this is a personal letter to you. Please don’t post it! I know who is really the backbone of the Service Club, and I want the thanks to go directly to that person, you Miss Blaney. I received the latest news letter from the club yesterday. It certainly was grand to hear that everything is still clicking at the school. I wonder if you could send me Mr. Ripley’s address? Either home or business. I was very fond of him, and haven’t been in touch with him for several months.

Thanking you again for all you’re doing for us fellows,

Winston A. Harris

[Transcription ends]