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CG Base, Constitution Wharf
Boston, Mass.
13 December, 1944

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
1 Young Orchard Ave.
Providence, R.I.

Dear members,

I received your gift a short while ago and, while it still was a while before Christmas, I couldn’t resist the temptation to open it. I can assure you that the box was very much appreciated.

It has been sometime since I last wrote to you. I have been one of the fortunate group in that I now have a wife. I still keep in contact with a few of the old Bryant men. Chubby Oakes ’41 is still in England, as far as I know, while Gordon Mieklejohn ’42 is on the West Coast.

Occasionally, I hear of other Bryant men but due to the constant transfers in the service it is hard to keep in contact with any of them.

Again I want to thank you for the remembrance. I hope that sometime I can get down and express my thanks in person.

Sincerely yours,
Kenneth B. Hazard
Chief Pay Clerk, USCGR

[Transcription ends]