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Naval Air Facilities
Roosevelt Field
Mineola, LI, NY.

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club,

Yes, I have a new address and as you well notice I’m getting near home each time I’m changed. I completed my “boot” training at Newport and then was sent away down South to Jacksonville Florida, however, my next change took me to Charleston So. Carolina from here I expected to see duty but instead the Bureau of Navigation ordered me to this, my present base.

I received a can of tobacco on May 28th and thought I sent a note of thanks but perhaps I failed to do so.

I’ve been planning to drop you a note but have delayed a lot of writing in order to go to the hospital in St. Albans L. I. to have a few minor repair. I’m now back at my base in sick bay recuperating from a recent operation but should be back to duty soon. I would have been at the hospital longer but there was immediate need for bed space due to the arrival of a hospital ship from the Sicilian Campaign.

It was great to learn thru your last of the class of “43” where many of my ex-classmates are located.

Thanks for your generous gifts which certainly come in handy here where we lack canteen facilities.

Keep up the good work.

Eddie Healey.

[Transcription ends]