World War II;Edward J. Healey

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August 3rd

Dear Miss Blaney,

I wish to thank the Club for sending me a copy of “On the Campus;” I enjoyed reading it very much.

I received a tin of “Prince Albert Smoking Tobacco” and, as there was no return address on the wrapping I was in doubt as to who sent it, but figured it came from the Club. Am I right? If so, thanks--.

Please excuse the notebook paper but there is no writing paper for sale on the base. The store took inventory the other day so I image [sic] they will get a new supply in shortly.

I do hope the graduation is run off in grand style and that the Graduation Ball is a social success.

Give my best wishes to all.

Gratefully yours
Eddie Healey

P.S. Would be grateful if someone would inform me concerning the tobacco so that I may look around for someone else to thank if it did not come from the school.
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