Peter M. Healy


World War II;United States Army;Mr. Lee;Mr. Appleby;Henry Kovacks;Joe Crawford

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January 1, 1943

Dear Friends of the Bryant Service Club,

There is really no way for me to express to you in full measure how gratifying it was to me to have received your very thoughtful remembrance at Christmas time. If you are making the other Bryant service men feel only half the pleasure of being remembered that you afforded me, you are doing a magnificent job. My association with Bryant, albeit appreciated belatedly, was a happy one, and I am looking forward to the day when I can return and visit its memorable scenes.

I don’t wish to sound fatherly or ‘corny’, but I envy you in your present association at Bryant. Many of my memories of Bryant, academically speaking, were painful, but most of them were pleasant. You will not appreciate your association at Bryant until you have left, but at some time, as is true in my case, you will find yourself wanting to go back even if only for a short visit.

I have already met two of my classmates of 1941 since I have been in the Army. One of them is Joe Crawford who means little to you but a name. But I am sure that Mr. Lee or Mr. Appleby would remember him. He is also stationed here at Miami Beach. In case you do not already know the location of another Bryant man, I should give you his Army address as I know he would appreciate hearing from you. Here it is:

Pvt. Henry Kovacs
331st Ser. Grp., Sqdn F.
Pendleton Field, Oregon

Again, my sincere thanks for the smokes and a wish for a Happy New Year to the students and faculty.

Peter M. Healy [Transcription ends]