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Many of the men pictured in this photo actively participated in the U.S. armed forces during World War II and wrote letters to the Bryant College Service Club. Photo was taken in front of the Archway in South Hall.
Signatures on back of photo include the following:
Leonard Sweeney, Class of 1941
George Soaris, Class of 1939
Albert Stanwood, Class of 1940
Angelo Joseph Del Papa
William Theroux
William Lentz, Class of 1939
Charles Anthony
Richard E. Fogwell
Anthony P. Varone, Class of 1939
Americo M. Ramalho, Class of 1939
Raymond R. Tracy
Carl Buffington, Jr.
Louis J. Marcucelli (sp?), Class of 1940
Russell W. Sisson, Class of 1939
John Hartley
Robert Southworth, Class of 1938
Harold Shovelton, Jr.
Warren Pekison
Edward Barbowski
Joseph A. Levasseur
Earl L. Vick
Thomas W. Sanford
J. E. Strom
Earl Trevor, Class of 1940
Two faculty members are side by side in the 2nd row near the center of the photo.


Bryant College Goes to War;


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