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Black and white photo (circa 1920) of the Butler Exchange Building once located on the current site of the Bank of America building (also known as the Industrial National Bank building or "Superman Building") in the heart of downtown Providence, Rhode Island, in the area later known as Kennedy Plaza. Erected in 1872, the building initially housed the Rhode Island Commercial School (1907), owned and operated by Harry L. Jacobs. The school was one of Bryant and Stratton's chief competitors. In 1916 Jacobs purchased Bryant and Stratton from the aging Theodore Stowell. Then Jacobs moved Bryant and Stratton from the Hoppin Homestead Building at 283 Westminster Street, Providence, to the Butler Exchange Building and merged it with the Rhode Island Commercial School. A 1916 charter of incorporation was issued to Bryant and Stratton Rhode Island Commercial School where Harry L. Jacobs would serve as president for the next forty-five years. As shown in the photo at street level, the building also housed various retail businesses such as Dodge and Camfield (importers and grocers) and Waite Auto Supply Company. The Butler Exchange building was home to Bryant from 1916-1925 - it was destroyed in 1925 to make way for the building currently located on this site.


Butler Exchange, Rhode Island Commercial School, Harry L. Jacobs, Bryant and Stratton, 283 Westminster, Hoppin Homestead, Bryant and Stratton Rhode Island Commercial School, Dodge and Camfield, Waite Auto Supply


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