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Black and white photograph showing a 1972 meeting of the Bryant College Trustees. Seated at the table to viewer's left, beginning at far left, are T.J. Brown and Sol Koffler. With backs to the window in left of photograph are (l to r) Richard W. French, Frank Delmonico, Bryant College President Harry Evarts, and Clarence H. Gifford, Jr. In the foreground at the left table is William S. Fishman. Seated in the middle, at the left side of the right table is Reverend William Haas and to his left is President Emeritus Gardner Jacobs. In the far right of the photograph, with back to the window, is Paul F. Hartz. The meeting took place in the Bryant College Unistructure during the early days of the new campus in Smithfield, RI.


Trustees, 1972, Brown, Koffler, Fishman, French, Delmonico, Evarts, Haas, Gifford, Jacobs, Hartz