Using Databases in Designing Drugs: Current Legal and Interoperability Considerations Which Arise in Pharmacogenomics

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Published by Journal of American Academy of Business in The Business Review, Cambridge Volume 4, Issue 1, pages 218-225.

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The Journal of American Academy of Business

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The Business Review, Cambridge


The science of pharmacogenomics draws upon biomedical informatics to apply the knowledge of drug reactions to the function or mutation of genes. It is a science which relies upon genomics but its genius is its use of databases. The creation of databases employed in the science of pharmacogenomics raises many ethical as well as legal, security and computational issues. The productive utilization of databases for pharmacogenomics requires interoperability; this article explains the importance of interoperability and discusses two of the major impediments to achieving wide scale interoperability, namely creating an ontology to link knowledge about genotypes with phenotypes and developing a universal legal framework to regulate copyright protection of databases.

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