“Only the National Socialist”: Postwar US and West German Approaches to Nazi “Euthanasia” Crimes, 1946-1953

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Published by Routledge in Nationalities Papers, volume 37 issue 6, 2009. Bryant users may access this article here.

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Nationalities Papers


The article discusses post World War II U.S. and West German judicial approaches to Nazi "euthanasia" crimes. The article focuses on two "euthanasia" defendants, Karl Brandt and Viktor Brack. The author talks about these crimes, which included lethal injections given to mentally disabled people in 1939. The author examines how the U.S. made the charge of conspiracy and "crimes against humanity" legally dependent on Nazi warmaking. The author explains that Germans tended to charge "euthanasia" patients under the German law of homicide, rather than conspiracy. The article also discusses the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Germany.