Cyprus As Victim: Reflections after 25 Years on the Past and Future of Aphrodite's Isle

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A Bipolar to a Unipolar + Fragmented World: The Cold War Model is a "Loose Bipolar Model. This "Bipolar Model" featured a minatory USSR which in reality was only a superpower militarily. Economically it was a "dual economy" with only the defense sector enjoying world-class status. Unfortunately Greece and Cyprus, this fun-damental fact was not clearly understood by many American leaders, many of whom seemed possessed by an unrealistic fear of "The Evil Empire." Evil it surely was, but weak it also was.We view the current world system as unstable with the absolute power of the U.S. clearly declining, ironically even as its relative power expands. Thus we live in a Unipolar world in transition. The end of the Cold War has changed everything. A firm but wise policy by the Simitis Government in Athens meets with a positive response from the Turkish Foreign Minister, Ismail Cem. In our view the views of both foreign ministers are hopeful precisely because they share a common appreciation of "neo-realism," of mutual rational self-interest. Moreover, US leaders now realize that a "Hispaniola Formula" for Cyprus is both dangerous and counterproductive to Turkish, Greek. Cypriot or world security. In fact it facilitates a Greco-Turkish War which would be a disaster for all concerned. For Turkey needs Europe, and Europe needs a reformed Turkey as a full partner. For its part; the U.S. remains"committed to the goal of a bizonal, bicommunal federation that meets the needs of all Cypriots" The U.S. seems committed to a just settlement of the Cyprus issue to the benefit of all --Greeks, Turks, and the world.

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