Scholarly journal publications written or edited by the History, Literature, and the Arts Department faculty. Starting in the fall of 2023, the History and Social Sciences Department became two departments. The History section of the department combined with the English and Cultural Studies Department to become the History, Literature, and the Arts Department. The Social Sciences section of the department became the Politics, Law, and Society Department. Please click the following links for publications prior to September 2023: History and Social Sciences Faculty Journal Articles, and English and Cultural Studies Faculty Journal Articles.


Manuscripts from 2024


AI Chatbots in Education: A Comparative Analysis at Bryant University, David A. Gannon, Terri A. Hasseler, Suhong Li, Philip Lombardi, Allison Papini, and ML Tlachac

Submissions from 2023


Gender and Genre in Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, Amber Day