Pallak Bhandari

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First Faculty Advisor

Roohani, Saeed


Corporate Governance; Sustainability Reporting; India; US


Bryant University

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My senior capstone project focuses on the importance of transparency and monitoring within corporate governance, especially in India and the US. To understand corporate governance, I studied the different theories and models of corporate governance as well as sustainability reporting. This research discusses the legal and regulatory environment within India and the US, and through a comprehensive study of the regulatory bodies within the two countries, I determined the best practices of corporate governance. I conducted a comparative analysis across India and the US with focus on 13 elements: insider trading, disclosure and certification of financial statements, remuneration disclosure, code of ethics and corporate social responsibility, auditor independence, independent directors on the board, effectiveness of regulatory bodies, board leadership structure, data protection laws, enforcement of laws, presence of women and minorities on board, stricter standards of licensing, and proper standards of financial reporting. Based on the results, this research shows that there is significant different between the corporate governance models of India and the US due to the cultural and environmental differences between the two countries.