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Charles Cullinan

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Amber Day


accounting; Broadway; COVID-19; success factors; Tony awards


Bryant University

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The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the Broadway theatre industry, with all performing arts venues suspending performances for at least 18 months. The economic recession associated with the COVID-19 pandemic left actors, directors, and theater workers unemployed for months on end, causing undue economic harm to individual finances and the industry. Since the reopening of Broadway plays and musicals in the fall of 2021, very few shows have been able to reach pre-pandemic levels of income and attendance. This project aims to use a regression analysis of weekly gross income for Broadway shows to predict what factors will have the greatest influence on the amount of time it will take Broadway shows to return to pre-pandemic earnings levels. This paper will examine multiple factors and facets of a Broadway production, including each show's source material, pre-pandemic run, and Tony Award nominations and wins.

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