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Roberto, Michael


Magic; Entrepreneurship; Creativity; Communication; Innovation


Bryant University

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The following research demonstrates the connection between the art of magic and the world of business. More specifically, it explores the overlap between the innovation and communication techniques magicians use when creating new ideas, developing a routine, performing, and a parallel comparison on what it takes to run a successful business. The capstone will first look at what the "magician" is including the types of tricks they perform. It will then analyze the entrepreneurial magicians and their creative process behind developing new routines. Finally, it will examine the verbal and non-verbal communication techniques magicians use to connect with their audience members when performing. In the end, readers will learn that even though sleight of hand is an important factor in becoming a magician, creative thinking and effective communication strategies are more important in order to have the greatest impact on your audience and have a successful show – or in an entrepreneur’s case, a successful business.