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First Faculty Advisor

Dr. Julie Volkman

Second Faculty Advisor

Dr. Theresa Hasseler


narrative storytelling; advertising effectiveness; video commercials; media communications


Bryant University

Rights Management



In a world where business is so closely tied together with the digital world, it can become easy to miss out on the human component of the marketing field. However, it is the narrative storytelling interwoven into advertisements that make them so compelling to consumers. Customers do not just want to be told about the features of a product, but rather they want to understand how having that product will make them feel. This storytelling can be communicated across several different forms of media, but it is especially apparent in the formatting of video commercials. While basic informational videos can communicate arguments for purchasing a particular brand, narrative video ads use stories to model how consumers can utilize products to create new meaning in their lives. Within this form of marketing narrative, customers will receive an experiential perception of the product that they would not be able to have without that extra connective element being offered through the storytelling aspect of the advertisement. Narrative storytelling is a powerful tool of digital media that will be explored in depth for its persuasive abilities, divergence from factual messaging, and overall influence on consumer behavior. Through the collection and analysis of qualitative research, there will ultimately be a better understanding of the importance of narrative storytelling in creating a greater level of advertising effectiveness in video commercials.