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First Faculty Advisor

Dana Nolfe

Second Faculty Advisor

Michael Roberto


Influencer marketing; content creation; creator economy; personal branding


Bryant University

Rights Management



Individuals who post niched consistent content to social media platforms have grown audiences, which presents an opportunity for content creators to monetize the attention their posts receive. Both content creators and marketing practitioners are using trial and error processes to learn how to utilize the newest online promotion strategy; influencer marketing. This research aims to outline the business operations from the perspective of the influencer. Research on all aspects of this industry is insufficient, with only a few hundred published peer-reviewed articles on the topic available. Most of the research focuses on the perspective of the audience or the marketing practitioners, which presents an opportunity for new research to uncover the tactics used by influencers to build their personal brand and content portfolio into a full-time career. This thesis research will involve interviews with followers, full time content creators, and marketing practitioners.