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This work was created over the course of a year and a half as part of the Bryant University Honors Thesis program.

First Faculty Advisor

Allison Kaminaga

Second Faculty Advisor

Xiaofei Pan


women; culture; attitudes; growth; wealth


Bryant University

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This study explores the relationship between cultural attitudes towards women and national GDP growth, across several countries. Data from the World Values from 2017 through 2020 wave has been utilized to determine cultural attitudes, and data from the World Bank and USAID has been utilized for building the economic growth model. The purpose of this study is to inform policy makers regarding the effects of policies that are pro gender equality and to identify the effects of gender inequality on economic growth, independent of other economic factors. In addition, this study also investigates the relationship between cultural attitudes towards women and other economic outcomes of interest, including women’s labor force participation and wealth outcomes. The most important result of this study was the relationship established between positive attitudes towards women and wealth outcomes, though more in depth research must be done to establish a causational relationship.

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