Diwas Puri

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First Faculty Advisor

Louton, David


Twitter; Stock Returns; Market Sentiment


Bryant University

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Twitter is a microblogging platform where over 320 million people post about things that matter to them in less than 140 characters. People post about their happiness, sadness, pride, disappointments, love, hate, expectations and other feelings. Nowadays, a popular trend has come up in which data from Twitter, can be gathered and analyzed in real time to see how people react to a particular situation including changes in stock markets. This research focuses on looking into the relationship, if any, between public mood from Twitter and the stock market returns by analyzing the Tweets about four major companies in consumer discretionary industry namely Amazon, Walt Disney, Home Depot and Comcast and their stock price over the duration of about a month. The research showed causal relationship between market sentiment corresponding to a particular stock and their stock returns.