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Maura Dowling

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Raymond Grigelevich


special needs financial planning


Bryant University

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Special needs financial planning is the process and organization of a financial plan for a family with a child or children with a disability. A key aspect of special needs financial planning is planning for the life of a child with a disability after the death of their parents. Failing to conduct financial planning for such a family could leave the child with a disability relying on state-provided services with a poor quality of life. The following research outlines how four business models will approach a family with a special needs dependent. The four business models are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), a self-service robo-advisor (Robo), and a wirehouse. Additionally, the services offered by a bank’s wealth management department will be discussed but not thoroughly analyzed. This paper aims to determine which financial planning business model is best suited to support a family with a child with a disability. This research will help the financial industry and financial professionals better meet client objectives, such as the needs of families with children with disabilities.