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First Faculty Advisor

Enos, Sandra


Meta-Analysis; Alternative; Water; Sources; philanthropy; investment; transportation; access; sanitation


Bryant University


Roughly one half of the Earth’s population suffers from shortage or lack of clean water. While many innovations and products have been created to address this Global Water Crisis, no comparisons have been done as to which innovations and products are the best overall choice for philanthropic investment. The crisis can be broken down into three specific crises including the transportation crisis, the access crisis, and the sanitation crisis. The study examined fifteen innovations and products, targeted to address the three crises to determine which innovation in each group is the overall smart investment. Pulse tool was used to create reports of data comparing the innovations and products to one another. Findings concluded that the Hippo Roller is the smart investment for transportation of water, the Treadle Pump is the smart investment for gaining access to water, and the Filtron and the Mobile MaxPure are the equally smart investments for sanitizing water. Therefore, for future development of social innovation comparison, it is recommended that an investor look at the overall benefits of an innovation before donating money to that cause.