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First Faculty Advisor

McDonnell, Judith


Eating disorders; pressures


Bryant University


The objective of this study is to determine the relative level of risk female college athletes and non-athletes have in developing an eating disorder. In addition, the study identifies the pressures faced by each group and how these contribute to the risk of eating disorders. The study was conducted using two surveys: an EAT-26 test and a pressures questionnaire. The EAT-26 test is a standardized self-measure of symptoms and concerns characteristic of disordered eating (EAT-26 Self-Test). This was used to determine the amount of risk faced by each participant. The pressures questionnaire was used to determine what pressures each group faced in relation to their risk scores. The results indicate that female athletes face a higher risk and different types of pressure. Although few results showed statistical significance, the preponderance of evidence shows clearly that athletes DO face additional pressures, defying the stereotype of the "always healthy athlete"