Wall Street Women: 1950s to the Present

Nicholas Calabro, Bryant University

Document Type Dissertation


This project is designed to show the connection between the women of Wall Street and the Second and Third Waves of Feminism. In particular, it analyzes what principles of Second and Third Wave Feminism can be applied to the women of Wall Street. The project does this with qualitative information about feminism as well as the women’s experience on Wall Street and quantitative data about performance between men and women. This project is being done for the female accounting/finance students at Bryant University, so they can apply this information in the real world. In conclusion, both the Second and Third Waves of Feminism are connected to the women of Wall Street, in a number of ways. First, there is the nature of Wall Street being a male-dominated environment, which implies that working there requires women to assert their rights. Second, the organizations that the women formed such as the Financial Women’s Association, and the Women’s Campaign Fund have supported feminist agendas, either covertly or overtly. Finally, the women of Wall Street were able to integrate feminist principles into the marketplace.