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Millennial; Work-Life Integration; Female; Women; Workplace


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Defining the Millennial Superwoman: Strategies for Work-Life Integration uncovers the perceptions of millennial females and contrasts them with the perceptions of working women in other generations. This research determines how millennial females are different in their search for work-life integration – the act of mixing work and personal life – and explains what this difference means for companies in the upcoming years. Historically, there has been much literature focused on women fighting for equality to get into the workforce, as well as why highly educated and successful women began taking themselves out of the workforce. However, there is a gap in the literature regarding why and how millennial women are different from their past counterparts, as well as what this discrepancy means for companies. This capstone includes a research paper and short film which highlights why women perceive work-life integration differently across generations; additionally, it offers insight into what strategies will best suit millennial women in their search for work-life integration.