Matthew Raggi

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Dietrich, John


Study Abroad; International Education; Cultural Intelligence


Bryant University

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Bryant University is a global institution that provides a wealth of international opportunities for its students and faculty. The mission statement of the University is “To educate and inspire students to discover their passion and become innovative leaders of character around the world.” The Study Abroad (SA) programs the University offers are growing and allow students to explore the world outside of their traditional classroom. Bryant encourages global knowledge and SA is a means through which that can be achieved. By taking the Bryant mission statement and studying how those who go abroad and those who do not go abroad find themselves aligned with it, the value of SA can be described in greater terms for Bryant. Furthermore, the various programs Bryant has to offer allow different experiences for its students. Identifying and analyzing the differences in those who participate in the Sophomore International Experience (SIE), those who study abroad for an entire semester, and those who stay at Bryant with quantitative and qualitative measures allows for a more holistic understanding of the experiences. Overall, it was found that the higher level of international education (participation in available abroad programs) a student receives at Bryant the more they are aligned with the mission statement. Additionally, the more international education, the higher a student’s motivational cultural intelligence.