Samantha Yoder

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Visich, John


Sustainable; Seafood; Certifications; Supply Chain


Bryant University

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This project is aimed at tackling the issues regarding the varying seafood sustainability certifications currently in circulation. It aims to uncover the confusion, controversy, and differences that arise from the numerous governmental policies and organizations that issue seafood sustainability certifications. Furthermore, it will assess the primary motivations for each participant in the sustainable seafood supply chain, as the value derived from participation. Supply chain members considered include the fisheries that supply the seafood products, the various companies that issue the seafood certifications, the grocers that stock the numerous seafood products, the restaurants that serve sustainable seafood products, and the end consumer that ultimately purchases the certified sustainable product. In order to gain a better understanding of consumer knowledge, shopping locations, and consumption habits regarding sustainably certified seafood a survey method was used. The survey was distributed to Bryant University professors, administration, and staff. The survey aims to uncover consumer’s perceptions of sustainable seafood and better understand if consumer opinion on sustainably certified seafood products are aligned with what is currently being labeled as sustainable.