Document Type


First Faculty Advisor

St. Clair, Lynda


Recruitment, Corporate Attraction; Promotional Products


Bryant University


This project deals with the effectiveness of attraction strategies, specifically those utilized by corporate accounting firms at Bryant University. The primary concern of the research was to identify various aspects that influence the recruitment of college students and ultimately share this knowledge with the companies, subsequently rendering the recruitment process more efficient for everyone involved. In order to accomplish this task, several methods of data collection were used including surveys of companies, surveys of students, interviews, and participant observation. This data was then organized and analyzed to determine the strategies each firm engaged in, the effect of those strategies, and how well each company perceived their efforts to work. In the end, it was evident that some companies were proficient at the attraction game, while others believed incorrectly that their approach was highly successful. Hopefully by being alerted to the presence of these inconsistencies, companies will be able to refine some of their recruitment practices and be able to hire the right people with less spending in the future.