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First Faculty Advisor

Quinn, John


statistical baseball analysis; baseball; regression; sports statistics; value


Bryant University


This study will look at the value of MLB players in the American League on a per dollar basis. It will be based on the 2011 statistics and will use a linear regression model to create a value for each player. The value will be based on a variety of statistics based upon position. For all players: age, team wins, and years in the league will be accounted for. For field players: games played, hits, runs, doubles, triples, home runs, runs batted in, walks, strike outs, stolen bases, on base percentage, slugging percentage, fielding percentage and errors will be accounted for as well. Pitchers will be based on stats on a per inning basis of: innings, strike outs, walks, earned run average, walks hits per inning pitched, quality starts, saves and wins above replacement. The general public sees players as stars based on their giant contracts, and who is paid the most. There are players in the league who play better on a per dollar basis that the famous stars who have massive contracts. I will discover who those players are.