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Piascik, Chester


Economy; Sport Franchises; Regression


Bryant University


There is no doubt that professional sports franchises and stadiums generate a significant amount of economic activity, but is the impact on the local economy positive, negative, or neutral? Studies have shown that, while franchises can give the economy a boost in the short term, there are little to no long-term positive effects. This capstone will examine the trend in public financing of stadiums, look at the impact of stadium location, explore the factors of the economy that are impacted by professional sports franchises, and determine if the effects vary by sport or by region. Several major case studies will be examined to provide specific examples, including the most recent Super Bowl in New Jersey. Once the literature review is complete, regression analysis will be used to make an ultimate conclusion on the value of professional sports franchises and stadiums in the United States and the optimal location in which to start a new professional sports franchise in the United States. This will be done using data from 2001-2012 and variables that have been proven to have an impact one way or another. The result will be a prediction of the type and location of the next professional sports franchise in the United States.

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