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First Faculty Advisor

Kennedy, Kristin


Standardized Testing, CAPT Scores (Connecticut Academic Performance Test)


Bryant University


The case study was developed in an attempt to shed more light on the debate of standardized testing. The goal of the study was to find evidence to support whether or not standardized testing is worth doing in public secondary schools. To investigate this question, the state standardized math test scores of three Connecticut public high schools were analyzed. The average math scores over thirteen years were observed and statistical analysis was performed to see if any significant differences existed between the three schools. Tests were performed before and after the change in standardized test. The graduation rates of the schools were observed and compared to the trend of the CAPT mean math scores over time. This analysis was then supplemented with responses from a survey distributed to Connecticut high school math teachers to take into consideration the educators’ views of standardized testing. Both the quantitative and qualitative data had conflicting results. The standardized test scores appeared to improve over time, while the teachers found their teaching and student learning was interfered with the testing. Following the analyses, future implications of using standardized testing and how it may affect the transition to the Common Core Standards is discussed. - 1